Online Certification Preparation

The online RV technician certification preparation courses offer individuals self-study training and test preparation for registered technician as well as certified or master technician testing. The web based learning platform is designed to track, train, and prepare RV technicians at all levels to be able to pass a certification test or to provide CEUs for recertification. All of the content in the course is online so additional materials are not needed.

Test Prep Courses

Registered - $89
Certified - $249

Continuing Education Courses

Electrical Systems 

All five courses provide additional information to help prepare those studying for the comprehensive certification test. They are also available to obtain CEUs for recertification.
Each course is $69
 per person

Download and complete the form online to get started!

Note: to complete the fillable PDF, you either need an updated version of Adobe, or you can select to "sign" and fill out the form if using an older version of Adobe (prompts should come up when trying to fill it out before you select to "sign" the form). Please contact us if you have any questions or issues completing the electronic form. 

Self register at You may self enroll in any of the free courses available. If you would like to enroll in any of the fee-based courses, please submit an application to RVDA via fax (703) 591-0734 or call (703) 591-7130 to enroll by phone.