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Registered Technician

The registered technician test establishes that the technician is proficient in core knowledge areas such as propane, basic electrical, plumbing, fire & life safety, weight knowledge, and other technical skills as outlined in the RVST Standard/DACUM.  This is the first step in becoming a Certified technician.   Once a technician has achieved Registered technician status they are eligible to move forward and become a Certified Technician.

The test consists of 105 multiple choice questions.  The technician has 95 minutes to complete the test.  The passing score for the Registered Technician test is 76.2% or 80/105 correct answers.  

NOTE: Those currently certified or those with an expired certification are exempt from the Registered Technician test.  All other applicants are required to take the Registered test as the first step of the certification process.  

For more information, download the Registered Technician Study Guide, Registered Technician Brochure or review the other Training Resources .

Mandatory Prerequisites

1. Complete the 4 task sign-off sheets.
2. Complete test application and submit.  Do not fax or e-mail credit card payments.  Please call 703-591-7130 or mail application.
3. Submit your payment electronically . (Optional)
When submitting a payment online, you will have to send in your completed test application to  

Optional Test Preparation

1. Utilize the FRVTA Distance Learning Program (dealership enrollments only) (learn more)
2. Utilize the text books available as a complete set 

Testing Information

1. Computer requirements for testing
2. Online testing format from work or home using ProctorU.
3. Tests musts be scheduled and completed within four weeks of submission of application.  Passing score: 76.2%. Answering 80/105 correctly.
4. Test fee:  Registered Technician $150.00.
5. Retesting: one time within 90 days: $25 fee (technician is required to submit another test application)

Test Results

A preliminary score will appear on your screen after you have completed the test that can be sent to your e-mail account. Technicians will receive an official score notification letter from the Technician Certification Registrar via US mail within 14 days. Technicians that successfully pass the registered technician test will also receive a plaque, personalized certificate, three uniform patches, and a wallet ID card.  The recognition packet is drop shipped separately via UPS. 

To order additional patches use the Registered Technician Patch.pdf Order form.  

Please review the Test Security Procedures and Appeal Process .