RV Technician Employers

Why Should a Dealership Encourage Technician Certification?


Experience Counts
Owners view their RVs as an experience, not just a vehicle. As a dealer, you provide and support that experience. Part of it should be superior service from professional, certified technicians.

Certified technicians represent advanced capabilities, enhanced credibility, and perhaps most important, a serious commitment to your customer base. In fact, in a recent survey of more than 600 dealers, 75 percent believe certified technicians perform better quality work than their non-certified counterparts.

And 72 percent believe certified technicians create more satisfied customers.

What’s in it for you?
Numbers don’t lie. Eighty percent of those surveyed reported that certified RV technicians ultimately make them more money than non-certified technicians. Better service means better business. It’s just that simple.
Find out more about the certification process:  RV Technician Certification Program Brochure

See What Other Dealers are Saying About Certification

“We advertise that we employ certified technicians. It helps us explain and justify the rates we charge for labor.”
Gary Kraemer
Webster City RV
Webster City, IA

“Technician training and certification can return 5, 10, even 15 thousand dollars to the bottom line.”
Jeff Pastore
Hartville RV Center
Hartville, OH

“Before our technicians were certified, it took them longer to do the job. Once they were certified, they did the work in half the time and our customers appreciated no having to bring their RV back.”
Mick Ferkey
Greeneway, Inc.
Wisconsin Rapids, WI

"Employing certified RV technicians creates confidence for the customer, loyalty to the dealership for the technician, and assurance for the dealership that the technician is doing the best job they can to provide service to your customer.”
Ron Little
RVs Northwest
Spokane, WA

“We ask all of our technicians to become certified because it builds a sense of ownership in the business. Having certified RV technicians is good for the business, good for our customers, and good for the RV industry.”
Bob Been
Affinity RV Service Sales Rentals
Prescott, AZ

“It’s easy to list the reasons to have your technicians certified – better customer satisfaction, better customer retention, healthier relationships with your manufacturer partners. But the reality is that you can make more money….and, your customers are happier!  There is no valid reason not to have your RV technicians certified."
Jeff Pastore
Hartville RV Center
Hartville, OH